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The Northminster Columbarium and Memorial Garden

The Northminster Columbarium and Memorial Garden provides a valuable ministry to the congregation, a site for the departed, and an accessible site for family and friends’ visitation.  It provides a safe, secure, and theologically appropriate way of remembrance. The site is a peaceful, welcoming garden that provides a final earthly resting place, as well as a place for visitation, meditation and worship.  This structure stands as a reminder that those who went before us are not forgotten and they have found rest and peace with God.

The Northminster Columbarium and Garden provides members with an alternative to traditional in ground burial in a beautiful church setting. Memorial and inurnment services can be tailored to meet the needs of members and family through pre-planning directives in consultation with church staff. More information including time payment options and preplanning details can be obtained by contacting the Columbarium Coordinator or members of the Columbarium Commission.



Interment is limited to members of Northminster Church and their immediate family, present and former clergy and their immediate family. Immediate family includes parents, spouse, children and domestic partners. Former members may apply for a Certificate of Reservation within five years of transfer of membership.

Right of Use

All rights and legal title to niches and plaques remain with the church. A Certificate of Reservation entitles the holder only the right of use of the niche for interment of cremains.  The cremains of only one individual may be interred within a niche. A sealed container is provided.

Service of Inurnment

Any service of inurnment must be planned by a minister of Northminster in consultation with the family of the deceased or pre-planned with a member before death.

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