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Missions at Northminster

Mission is not a mere list of things to do; rather, it is something we live as followers of Jesus.

Our mission as people of faith in Christ is to tend to the physical needs of people just as much as the spiritual needs of people and to enter into co-creative, co-operative relationships with those on the margins of society.


At Northminster, we seek to partner with organizations, churches and individuals who join us in the ongoing work of mercy, justice and love and who help us live as authentic followers of Jesus. We look for opportunities in which we can partner, collaborate and create with others the kingdom of God here on earth.

To suggest a service project or mission focus, leave your suggestion on the "Holy Idea" board in the hallway. Ideas that receive enough support will be recommended to the Missions Commission.

Here is a list of our current partners and efforts.

Ministering to ICE Detainees at Richwood

“You shall treat the foreigner who sojourns among you as a citizen; you shall love the stranger as yourself, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt…” – Lev. 19:34


In response to Christ’s call to serve the most vulnerable, Northminster church has recently begun a coordinated journey to learn how to minister to the needs of immigrants in detention at Richwood Correctional in the following ways:


While in detention…

  • Visiting at least 3 detainees per a month.

  • Writing at least 5 letters (one letter per person) per month.

  • Organizing and running seasonal book drives in coordination with Richwood Correctional.

  • Coordinating and publicizing specific book requests from detainees.


Post Release…

  • Providing your schedule of availability to transport detainees following their release. This includes transportation to places such as a bus station, hotel, or host home.

  • Adding your home to a registry of places in which released detainees or their families (in town for visitation) may stay.



  • Creating avenues for individuals to donate to detainee’s commissary accounts or contribute to other needs (i.e. purchasing prepaid mobile phones or clothes), and publicizing those needs monthly. 

  • Coordinating a seasonal phone drive to collect old cell phones.

The NELA Food Bank

At the end of last year, the NELA foodbank was posted on the ideas board and I have had the pleasure of working with volunteers from Northminster and meeting really wonderful people from the community in supporting this organization.  I didn't realize how close the ties to the foodbank were for Northminster, and have enjoyed also learning about our history with supporting it.  We have sponsored a Northminster night, packing boxes for the elderly who may not be able to get out on their own, or have the money to afford groceries.  We have had volunteers pack school lunch bags that go home with students every week, providing food for the weekend that they may not have outside of school lunches.  Through the committee meetings, including a meal hosted at my house, it's been wonderful to get to know the people at our church who are so willing to lend an extra hand.  Also, plans were in place to have a red beans and rice fund raiser at Northminster which is on pause for now but not forgotten.  This last week, emergency boxes were prepared due to COVID 19 and the impact it is having on our area.  Unfortunately, we see time and time again when dealing will widespread pandemics or illnesses, those of our community who are already struggling, and with minimal resources, are the ones that get hit hardest.  So it was great to see several of our Northminster members willing to help pack boxes, donate peanut butter, and the continued monetary support from our congregation.  There are pantries all over the area where anyone in need can go and load a bag/box of food to help support their families. There are volunteer opportunities every week for anyone interested in doing more, and also events every month that we as a church or members of the community can participate in to help support the NELA Foodbank.  Follow the foodbank on facebook to learn more about upcoming events, and also visit their website to get added to their volunteer email.   If interested in getting involved with the fundraising or volunteering with the Northminster Foodbank committee, send me an email at clairebear.carrington@gmail and I will add you to notifications for meetings, volunteer opportunities, and planning. 

Our Partnership with Enmanuel Iglesia Cuba

In 1994 Northminster entered into a partner church relationship with Iglesia Bautista Enmanuel (Emanuel Baptist Church) in Ciego de Avila, Cuba. This is one of about 30 such partnerships between churches of the Alliance of Baptists and churches in the Fraternity of Cuban Baptist Churches.


At least annually since 1994 Northminster members have traveled to Cuba for dialogue and fellowship and to participate in worship with members of Enmanuel and its several mission congregations. On each trip our members have also carried needed medicine, clothes and other items. Northminster makes a yearly financial contribution to Enmanuel to assist in its ministries. We have also helped Enmanuel pay a short-term debt on the house which serves as their worship and educational center, have provided financial support for Enmanuel students attending the ecumenical seminary at Matanzas, and have helped support the purchase of property next door to the church and renovations and additions to the building. At Northminster’s invitation and with our support several members of Enmanuel have visited us from time to time.


This is a partnership of mutual respect and support, and we are richer for our relationship with our sisters and brothers in Cuba.

The Missions Trunk

Each month a new charity is represented on the Missions Trunk in the Narthex. Northminster members are very generous in providing for the needs of our various charitible orginizations.

For 2024

  • January – Animal Shelter

  • February – Immigrant Detainees

  • March – The Renewal Center of NELA

  • April – The Food Bank

  • May – Med Camps

  • June – The Children's Coalition

  • July – Goodwill Exit 318

  • August – The Council on Aging Food Pantry 

  • September - War Veterans Home

  • October – Rays of Sonshine

  • November – CASA Christmas Gifts

  • December – The Alliance of Baptists Offering

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