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Welcome to

Northminster Church justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

[Micah 6:8]

Northminster is a progressive, inclusive community of faith seeking to embody God’s Love in the world. Each week we gather to tune our hearts to Love through sacred stories, thoughtful liturgy, open-hearted prayer, and beautiful music. We value asking hard questions, and cultivating kind, loving relationships.


We are a family largely made up of “spiritual refugees." If you have experienced trauma and exclusion at the hands of the church, you will be in good company. Every part of you is welcome here – your gender, your race, your politics, your theology, your sexuality... we welcome and affirm every part of you because you reveal a unique piece of the image of God, and we are better because you are with us.


Welcome to Northminster.

Sunday School

10:00 AM -

10:30 AM


10:45 AM -

11:00 AM


11:00 AM -

12:00 PM

There is always something new going on in the life of the church.

Look under the "Faith Formation" tab in the menu for more information about what's going on this week, and how you might be able to get involved.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, or to schedule a time to meet with one of our community leaders.

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