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As has been the tradition at Northminster for many years, the Northminster Choir and friends, soloists and chamber orchestra will present Handel’s Messiah, Part I again this year. The performance will be in Northminster’s sanctuary on Tuesday, December 12 beginning at 7 pm. Soloists are Northminster’s Music Associate Justin Havard, baritone, Choral Intern Naomi Kilpatrick, mezzo soprano, and Choral Scholars Sarah Talmadge, soprano, LeAnn Hammons, mezzo soprano Preston Anderson, tenor, and James Wright, bass. Former Northminster choral scholar Morgan Meyer, soprano, will also solo. Dr. Deborah Chandler, Northminster’s Director of Music, will conduct. The concert is free, and everyone is encouraged to join us for this Christmas tradition. Please spread the word! For many the Christmas holidays are not complete without hearing this inspiring work in person.


Messiah was composed in 1741 by George Frideric Handel. The libretto (text) was compiled from the King James Bible and the Coverdale Psalter by Charles Jennens. It was first performed in Dublin on 13 April 1742 and received its London premiere a year later. After an initially modest public reception, the oratorio gained in popularity, eventually becoming one of the best-known and most frequently performed choral works in Western music.


The music for Messiah, Parts I, II and III, was completed in 24 days of swift composition. At the end of his manuscript Handel wrote the letters "SDG”—Soli Deo Gloria, "To God alone the glory". This inscription, taken with the speed of composition, has encouraged belief in the apocryphal story that Handel wrote the music in a fervor of divine inspiration in which, as he wrote the Hallelujah chorus, "He saw all heaven before him". Apocryphal or not, heaven does seem to open for all who sing or hear this great masterpiece. It will again be presented at Northminster TO GOD’S GLORY. justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God
[Micah 6:8

Northminster is a progressive, inclusive community of faith seeking to embody God's Love in the world. Each week we gather to tune our hearts to Love through sacred stories, thoughtful liturgy, open-hearted prayer, and beauttiful music. We value asking hard questions and cultivating kind, loving relationships.

We are a family largely made up of "spiritual refugees." If you have experienced trauma and exclusion at the hands of the church, you will be in good company. Every part of you is welcome here - your gender, your race, your politics, you theology, your sexuality...we welcome and affirm every part of you because you reveal a unique piece of the image of God, and we are better because you are with us.

Welcoming and Affirming Statement
of Northminster Church











We the people of Northminster Church are a Welcoming and Affirming congregation. One of our most important founding principles, along with theological freedom of the individual member, is love and inclusion for all who enter our fellowship. Inclusion means not only acceptance and tolerance; it means full embracing love and respect for each other, a real desire to learn from each other, and an assurance that each member may participate fully in every aspect of ministry. We provide a safe, welcome and nurturing place for all who have felt marginalized by the church or by society at large. We, as a body, confess the church’s history of condemnation and exclusion of persons as being unworthy to be a part of the family of God. We further acknowledge this condemnation has harmed many lives in such forms as alienation, violence, and death.


We are committed to the work of justice and peace in our community and in the world for all people--not just the privileged few. In this work, we seek to follow the example set by Jesus in loving God and others as God loves us. We embrace all people with no regard to gender, age, race, ethnicity, immigration status, economic status, theological background, education, physical or mental condition, makeup of household, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We affirm and celebrate all loving and committed relationships.


Whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey, you are God’s beloved, just as you are. You are worthy! You are welcome!

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