Lecture Series

The 2020 Stricklin Lectures in Church History


We are grateful to welcome Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy into the pulpit to present the 2020 Stricklin Lectures with a focus on "Religious Freedom, Our First Freedom."

Due to Hurricane Delta The 2020 Stricklin Lectures will now begin on Friday, October 16th, at 6pm. The second lecture will stream on the 17th at 3pm, followed by a live Q&A over Zoom, and the final address will be given in the context of Sunday’s worship service on the 18th at 11am.

The lectures will be available here, on our YouTube channel. 

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The Dr. Thomas Stricklin Lectures in Church History

The Stricklin Lectures in Church History were inaugurated in 1997 to honor the legacy of Dr. Tom Stricklin, a founding member of Northminster and a professor of history at the University of Louisiana in Monroe. Since then we have invited distinguished lecturers in to comment on aspects of church history as they are relevant to our identity and work in the present.

Previous Stricklin Lectures

Joan Brown Campbell
“Stories from the Ecumenical Movement”

Bill Leonard
“Being Church in a Pluralistic Society”

Stan Hastey
“The Revolution Within the Revolution: The Church During the American Revolution”

Walter Shurden
1997 (inaugural lectures)
“The Baptist Tradition and the Contemporary Situation"