Pastoral Care

How We Care for Each Other

"[a family is] a committed relationship, developed over time, between persons who participate in each other’s lives emotionally, spiritually, and materially. While this definition does not mention biology, it does not exclude it. Moreover, it is not a definition of what might already exist, but a vision of what family can be at its best." --Elizabeth Say and Mark Kowalewski

Family Ministries

Our Family Ministries Commission melds traditional approaches with contemporary innovations. We seek to minister to the needs of the diversity of families in our congregation and to nurture the vital reality of the community of faith as a church family.

We care for each other through Care Groups, which serve in lieu of the traditional model of deacons. Each member or “friend” of Northminster is invited to join a care group, each with a care group leader who coordinates services needed as we minister to each other. Care groups meet periodically to fellowship and build community. If you are interested in joining a care group, please email the church office at to express your interest.

If you wish to share information with the congregation about crisis, illness, or death in your family, or to add someone to the prayer list, you may contact the Bulletin Board of Northminster Family Ministry by sending an email message to  Family Ministry can send information to the entire church or if you specify, keep your communication confidential.  Family Ministry can send someone to visit if desired.  If you do not wish to email your message, you may leave a message on the church phone or leave a message with the secretary (318-388-3717).   If you have an immediate need you may call or text Barbara Thompson (318-537-3725).

Friends of Northminster

Non-members are also invited to join care groups. We welcome our “Friends of Northminster” to be fellow travelers with us on our journey of faith. While “Friends of Northminster” are in the inquiring stage, we welcome them to be included in a one of our circles of care.


Each year the family ministries commission publishes a Care Group Directory with the contact information for all the members of Care Groups. Every three years, a Photo Directory is published of the entire congregation. Contact the church office for more information about these directories or if you have not received a directory.

5th Sunday Luncheons

Every month in which there is a 5th Sunday, the congregation is invited to eat together after the morning worship service. Family Ministries Commission typically names the gathering place a month in advance.

Talking with a Pastor

If you seek guidance our pastor, please contact the Church Office at 318.388.3717 or 

Northminster Columbarium and Memorial Garden

The Northminster Columbarium and Memorial Garden provides a safe, secure, and theologically appropriate way of remembrance. The site is a peaceful, welcoming garden that provides a final earthly resting place, as well as a place for visitation, meditation and worship.

To read more about the Columbarium and Memorial Garden, click here.

To talk with the pastor about reserving a niche or planning a service of interment, contact the Church Office at 318.388.3717 or


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