Visual Arts

"There is in art a clairvoyance for which we have not yet found a name, and still less an explanation.”  --John Russell, The Meanings of Modern Art





An Art Exhibit by Donna McGee

In today's busy world we can "connect" with the world via the internet with the touch of a finger:  Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked, E-mail, text, Google, Maps, Music, e-books, etc.  I enjoy the convenience, but the idea of being connected to the world with a device held my hand has become invasive.  Virtual social interactions have become impersonal and meaningless.  Click "like" insert "smiley face" and move on to connect with 1,345 "friends" is not for me. 
I like people and enjoy my friends, but I get in touch with myself and feel closer to the Creator through reflection and quiet interactions with nature.  I "connect" by watching birds or noticing how the sun lights the pine tree trunks.  Being "connected" is noticing the moon setting in the foggy western sky while the sun is rising in the east.  A great blue heron stalking crayfish in the lake shallows and the fleeting glimpse of an owl winging between the trees are experiences I treasure. I have found my place in the natural hierarchy while surrounded by elk on an alpine trail and am humbled by it.  I have contemplated the meaning of existence while watching the dragonfly and still have no answers.  I have seen the face of God in wild places and am richer for it. 
My paintings are reflective of my spirit and reflective of the spirit of the Creator. Through my art I celebrate creation and am thankful for my small place in the big scheme of things.  My paintings are prayers.  I paint prayers for my friends who are ill and try to remember that today is a very small part of the eternal.  I hope that those who view my art can connect with me through the work.  I enjoy talking about what I do face-to-face, but feel free to visit my web page at  Write comments* about my work or use emoji's (if you must).  
*The comment sheet is on the table in the Narthex along with Donna's bio.  The exhibit can be viewed during regular church office hours.  The exhibit will remain until Feb. 24